NY-No fault injury Claim



As an accident victim, you must be compensated fairly
for injuries you have suffered.

Timely New York No-fault claim

Car accident is upsetting. you must file your NY-no fault application for benefits within the first 30 days to pay for medical treatments. If you don’t, insurance does not have to pay

Why only 30 days to apply for no-fault benefits?

Simple. your insurance policy agreement says so. email support@njnyinjury.com. we will help.

Our easy Online Claim process

It takes 5 minutes or less to submit your claim. We will
Deposit your settlement money directly into your bank account,
We want you to get your moneys fast.

What NY-No fault or NJ PIP benefits pay for

New York No-Fault amount

What is the total no-fault benefits amount for an accident?

$50,000.00 in each accident for each injured person in your vehicle -if driver and passenger. $50,000 for driver; $50,000 for passenger treatment bills.

Losing No-Fault benefits

How can I lose my policy no fault benefits

By missing no-fault IME (medical) appointments

Must I attend no fault IME appointments set out by insurance’s Dr?

Yes. if don’t show, insurance does not have to pay your bills

Is my settlement affected?

Yes. bills for medical treatments will have to be paid from settlement money

How can Tri State Legal Lawyer help Me?

Have your case evaluated online in five minutes or less with

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