Accident FAQS

Questions About Accident Injury Claim?
We have the Answers


How to get started?

Easy. Go to start a claim and answer less than ten questions about your accident.
You get an immediate response that our legal team will be able to assist with your accident claim.

Case was Accepted. Then what?

Log into your account and complete what’s pending. We will reach out to you within one business day.

Claim is Under review. What’s next?

We are just looking at the details of your claim. We will update you via text or email soon.

Aghhh my current lawyer. Can I switch?

Yes. You can switch. come to accident claims experts. We take care of the paperwork.

How long does an accident injury claim take?

It depends on the physical therapy you are receiving; how compliant you are; at fault insurance carrier.


Do police officer write police reports in NYC?

If accident victim agrees to go with ambulance yes.
If victim refuses ambulance, officer can choose to write or not

What is New York MV-104 accident report form?

Self-written police like report
NYC officer will ask you to exchange info and fill on your own. Call us first.


Is there a client portal?

Yes here. enter your email. Receive an email with a link. Link goes to your account. See claim status.

What determines my Settlement Amount?

The rehabilitative treatments you received. Surgery vs. Injections vs plain physical therapy or chiropractic therapy.

Do I have to take MRIs?

Yes. A doctor will explain this process. But Judges considers if MRI showed any injuries you are claiming.

Do I have to attend any Insurance appointments?

Yes. Your insurance schedules a No fault-PIP independent medical examination (IME) at the beginning of the claim. At fault driver’s insurance schedules liability IME later on in the claim process

Is it a big deal if I don’t attend IME?

Yes. If you don’t, your insurance has a right to deny paying for your medical cost. you violated policy At fault driver’s insurance also can refuse to settle your claim-they had a right to examine you

Do I have to go to Court?

No. you only have to attend a zoom meeting on your cell at home or wherever you like


Can I contact my legal team and lawyer?

You can text, call at any time or email us at so we can answer your questions

Can I send letters or more information online?

Yes. Log into your account and upload your files or email us at

Can I speak with my lawyer on the phone?

Yes. You can call lawyer on the phone at business hours or our virtual receptionist 24 hours a day


Who pays lost wages?

Your own insurance policy

How do I apply?

Call or email out legal team to assist you

How much do I get?

Call or email out attorney at


What is summons and complaint?

Attorney files the lawsuit or case in court after accident

What is discovery period?

After lawsuit is filed, when medical records are exchanged

What is deposition?

Victim and at fault drivers testify via Zoom video

What is arbitration or mediation?

Your attorney and at fault driver’s insurance negotiate to settle

What is a trial?

Case did not settle, jury or judge listen and decide settlement or not


Do you do direct deposit?

Yes. You can get paid via direct deposit straight to your bank account when we win

How does lawyer get paid?

If we win the case, we receive the standard % of the settlement (33%). We show you the agreement And explain before we begin work on your injury claim

How long does accident claim usually take?

In most car accident cases up to one year. But each case varies depending on how complex your claim maybe. However, there is instances where case takes as little as six months to complete.


Do I need liability insurance?

All drivers are required to carry liability insurance

Why have Uninsured Motorist (UM)/Underinsured Motorist (UIM)insurance?

Used for hit and runs or if the other driver did not have insurance

Why have Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

Insurance used to pay for all your medical treatments in New Jersey accident claim

Why have No Fault Benefits?

Insurance used to pay for all medical treatment in New York accident claim

What is Medical Payments Coverage or MedPay?

an optional insurance that can be added to you auto policy


What is NY liability Coverage?


What is NJ liability coverage?



Does NJ state insurance cover pedestrians and cyclist?

Yes. Under NJPLEGA-$25,000/$50,000

Does NY or NJ state insurances cover scooters?

It depends on the speed of the scooter


What is collision, comprehensive?

Pays for damage to your vehicle listed in the policy after accident/collision

What is Towing insurance?

Pay your towing cost up to the listed polity limits

What is Rental Insurance?

Pays for rental cost while your vehicle is being repaired

What is Total loss?

Cost to repair is more than the cash value of the car after accident

What is Diminished value?

Vehicle cash value before accident -value after the accident/collision

What are miscellaneous Expenses?

After accident -lost property, storage, towing

Accident FAQS

Questions About Accident Injury Claim?
We have the Answers