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Were you injured in a car accident in Queens? we know how much a car accident can mess up a person’s life. File a car accident claim. Get paid. All online.

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-call 911
-take photos (plate #)
-get medical attention
-call tri state legal attorney

Car Accident injury attorney in Queens

-we are experts in Queens, NY car accident
-learn your legal rights after car accident
-file your claim online with us today

best Car Accident Lawyer in Queens

-car accident claim expert on your case
-tri state legal specializes in car accident
-we understand what car accident takes
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Tri state Legal is simplifying the injury claim and case process to
make it as painless as possible. File a claim. Get Paid. All online.

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With years of car accident claim experience, Tri State Legal Attorneys have learned to make things easier for our clients. It’s never been easier to start your injury case


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No one likes drowning in legal paperwork, so we digitized as much of the case building process as we could. File a claim, upload important documents, and get case updates, all online.


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Not us! We deposit your settlement directly toyour bank account, so you can get back to focusing on the more important things in your life.


We’re Car Accident Specialist​

Every Queens car accident case is special. Luckily Tri state legal attorneys
are specialists. We only focus our practice on injury cases. Our goal:
to deliver the best result for your case.

Queens Car accident claims

-Hit and run accident.
-Side impact or side swipes.
-hit in the rear at stop sign or traffic
-t-boned at a stop sign.
-Head-on collision.
-leased or rented car accidents in a

insurance Claim after a Queens car accident

-our experienced team stands by your side
-do not speak to the insurance company
-what you say may affect your claim
-yes, even to your own insurance company

Queens car accidents victims

-driver, passengers, pedestrian, cyclist
-insurance are fighting not to pay
-rely on our experience in injury claim
-we secures the best claim for settlement

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Our reputation in Queens Community

-helping victims after car accident in Queens
-experienced in building Queens, NY car accident claims
-help Queens accident victims get compensations
-claims for medical bills, lost wages and transportation

Why hire us?

-Insurance will try to avoid paying you full claim
-you need an experience Queens car accident lawyer
-we negotiate the best available compensation
-we go to Court if we need to for best compensation


You get all the resources of an injury Law Firm from the ease
and comfort of your home.

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