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As an accident victim, you must be compensated fairly
for injuries you have suffered.

Car Accident Victims

After a car accident, you need an auto accident claim expert & personal injury lawyer. File the entire claim online in quick simple steps. We start fighting
for you to get compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, and vehicle damage,

Our Expert Attorneys helps in every type of accident including:

  • Fender-bender accidents
  • Hit n run accidents
  • Rental vehicle accidents
  • 18-wheeler or truck accidents
  • Multiple vehicle accidents
  • Pedestrian hit by vehicle
  • Electric scooters hit by vehicle
  • Cyclist hit by vehicle
  • Moped hit by vehicle

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What to do after a car accident?

Call 911. Take picture of plate number. Exchange information. Seek medical attention. Call tri state legal. .

Should I go with the Ambulance in NYC?

Yes. if you don’t, police don’t have to create a police report

Who pays for Ambulance ride to ER in NYC?

Auto policy no-fault medical coverage is available up to $50,000. It will pay.

Car Accident Injury Cases

Makes up majority of all personal injury cases in New Jersey and New York

What is a car Accident Case?

Any accident involving a vehicle. Driver v scooter, pedestrian, bicycle, moped

How can Tri State Legal Lawyer help Me?

Have your case evaluated online in five minutes or less with

why Tri State Legal for your car accident
injury claim?

All in your IOS or Android phone. Injury law meets the 21st century. Easily file your claim, build your claim, get paid. We are making injury claim too easy