Calling 911-for Injury Claim



As an accident victim, you must be compensated fairly
for injuries you have suffered.

Talking to Police after a car accident

Car accident is upsetting. Still, if you admit fault to the police officer it will be used against you. You claim will be denied. Only state facts. Never explain what happened.

What if I did not know what I was saying?

Does not matter. Insurance adjuster can still use your words to deny your claim.

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What to do after an accident

Should I call 911↓

Yes. call and wait for instructions.

Should I take license plate pictures?

Yes. if you can, take picture of the license plate of the other car.

Should I leave with the ambulance?

Yes. your auto policy will cover ambulance and ER bills

Police Officer never showed up

What information should I get from the other driver?

Name, plate number picture, driver’s license and registration, insurance card

Describing accident to police officer

What do I tell the officer?

  • I was hit in the rear
  • I was sideswiped on the driver or passenger side
  • The other car merged into my lane and hit me on the side
  • The other car did not stop at stop sign and t-boned me (or hit me)
  • The other vehicle crossed the double yellow lines and hit me
  • I don’t remember how the accident happened
  • I don’t know how the accident happened
  • The other car stopped to let me go and then hit me

NEVER tell a police officer

What should I NOT say to an officer?

  • it was my fault
  • a lie
  • engage in any small talk

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