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After a car accident, you need the best car accident attorney in Queens, New York on top of your case.
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We understand what a car accident can take from you and your family.

Insurance claims after a Car Accident in Queens, NY

What say to the insurance company affect your claim. And any compensations owed to you.
Let our experience team stand by your side through this difficult time.
Do not talk to an insurance company before speaking to our experienced car accident attorneys.
Yes, not even to your own car insurance.

Insurance company is trying to avoid paying you for your claim as much as they can.
You need the help of our experienced Queens, New York car accident attorneys.
We will negotiate first to try to get you’re the best compensation available in your case.
We will file a lawsuit if necessary to get you the compensation you need after a Queens, NY car accident.

Why our office helps the most victims after Car Accident in Queens, NY

We are committed to helping you if you have been injured in a car accident in Queens, New York.
We understand how and are experienced in building Queens, NY car accident claims.
We help Queens, NY car accident victims seek and get compensation they need for medical bills, lost wages, transportation.
We have helped injured thousands of car accident victims in Queens, NY get settlements for their injuries.

What you need to know after a Car Accident in Queens, NY

If you suffered injuries in a car accident in Queens, NY, you are not alone.
On average, there are over 8,000 crashes in New York City alone affecting over 10,000 drivers and passengers,
Pedestrians, moped riders and cyclists.
Queens, New Yor car or collision accidents account for more than a quarter of the total accidents in New York City. Many insurances carriers are fighting hard not to pay out accident claims arising from the streets of Queens, New York.
Contact Tri State Legal-Boaz, PC’s experienced Queens, New York Car Accident Attorney immediately following your car accident. We ensure that you comply with all the insurance rules to secure the best claim for compensation and settlement.

What should you do after a Queens, New York Car Accident

Call 911 And Take Photos

Get medical attention

Call Tri State Legal-attorneys

Queens, NY Car accident claims we represented in the past.

  • Hit and run accident
  • No insurance accidents
  • Side impact or side swipes
  • hit in the rear at stop sign or traffic signal
  • t-boned at a stop sign
  • Head-on collision
  • leased or rented car accidents in a
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